Bus Rollover Simulation by Altair Hyper works

Bus Durability and Optimization by Altair Hyper Works



Post-processing tool observe failure points at the end of simulation, or the FLC can be embedded within numerical simulation, to track failure during the process. By embedding the FLC, the change of mechanical properties after necking and fracture point are taken into account during the stamping simulation.

Flexibility and Cost Efficiency in Automotive Development

Challenge – Develop front-end modules as efficiently as possible Altair Solution Access multiple software tools flexibly through the Altair Partner Benefits • Material reduction • Fewer prototypes / no prototypes required Cost and time savings in the development process

Laser shock experiments, from research to industry via RADIOSS numerical simulation

When focusing a high power pulsed laser on absorbing materials, this irradiation results in a high pressure (>GPa), low duration (a few nanoseconds) loading applied to the material. The propagation of this highly dynamic loading can be turned also into tensile loading with controlled intensities, allowing evaluating the dynamic strength of materials or assemblies. Laser

Altair Inspire Form Helps Pragati Engineering Address Sheet Metal Formability and Inconsistent Thinning Issues While Reducing Physical Try-out Time by 50%

Challenge – To reduce errors and product design and development cycle time and cost with increased design accuracy and provide quality products to customers through simulation. Altair Solution – Use Altair Inspire Form simulation and nullify crack and wrinkle errors at the Design stage. Achieve highly accurate and speedy results during product development cycle.

Hyper Works Improves Development Processes in Automotive Industry

The customer defines different specifications such as the modal analyses and dynamic loads for the development of the component. Those specifications result from the expected use of the component. In case of the automotive crossbeam, developed by PWO, the Eigen frequency of the cross car beam, when connected to the steering wheel, cannot be above

Harita Seating Standardizes on Altair Suite of HyperWorks™ for all CAE Applications

Design and development: Concept design and styling, virtual design and engineering CAE/FEA, simulation, trim, textile development, physical testing and validation, tool development with series production.

Application of HyperWorks to Develop Human Body Models to Assess Injury Potential for Vulnerable Populations in Vehicle Crashes

Challenge Develop finite-element human body models that account for effects of age, gender, and obesity on injury risk in vehicle crash Altair Solution Apply HyperMesh and HyperMorph to develop parametric-based models Benefits Parametric-based finite-element models of the human body can enable population-based crash simulations to improve vehicle safety

Hyper Works Improves Development Processes at PSA Peugeot Citroën

Industry Automotive Challenge Define new process that includes accurate component data Altair Solution Use Hyper Form and RADIOSS in development process Benefits Reduce Development Time Accelerate Innovation Improve Quality and Robustness