IICAE (Indore Institute of Computer Aided Engineering) is an Altair’s Authorized HyperWorks Professional Training Centre.IICAE stands for Indore Institute of Computer Aided Engineering, iicae began is carrier in 2007 as a educational alliance . We have authority from world’s one of the best FEA\CAE software industries to train students and professionals about Altair’s products like Hypermesh, Radioss, Optistruct etc.Few years ago we used to learn “it is the age of science”, but now a days with the huge implementations of Engineering techniques and approaches to make human life safe and comfortable we can say “It is the age of Engineering” and Mechanical Engineering is one of them. Thousands of Mechanical Engineering students are producing every year in India but unfortunately due to lack of awareness of current and advanced technologies few of them can get successful career in the same field.

Finite Element Analysis is very advanced technology available for simulating real engineering problems like stress and durability analysis, there are plenty of opportunities available in the field of FEA.It is our pleasure to announce that Central India is now having its first CAE/FEM professional training centre at Indore with the authorization of Altair Engineering, known as IICAE. As CAE/FEA is the field in Mechanical / Automobile / Production / Biomedical Engineering which enables design and analysis qualities of the students. With the basic understanding of these techniques, students can be eligible for world’s top automobile industries like Maruti, Honda, Toyota, Ford Motors,and Mercedes Benz etc.

Our Training

IICAE Academic Program aims to provide best training to the students and help them become the best engineers and designers that they can be built their progressive career. students have the opportunity to get their hands on the most comprehensive, open architecture CAE simulation platform in the industry, and understand the theory of why it works & how they works.

We provide training in the following manners:

  • Basic FEA training
  • Advanced FEA training
  • In-house College level training
  • National/International level competitions like BAJA vehicle analysis training
  • Guideline to prepare M.Tech and Ph.D. projects and technical
  • paper writing
  • BE/B.Tech Projects training
  • Special project training to get fundings in Foreign Universities

Our Project and Case Study

Our Stars

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Holkar private ITI Committed to provide quality education to the students so that they can become skilled and more employable. Our experience in the technology and our skilled and experienced faculty makes us better in providing better career option to the students. We are fully equipped with all the machines and infrastructure to provide training to the students.

Our Courses:-

Draughtsman(Mechanical) is a working art vocational trade.The duration of trade is two years with four semester of six month each.Students are introdused to things such as making mechanical drawings,as of machines, structure, etc. Sketaches, referenses and specification skil to translate ideas;and into detailed techanical drawings showing plans, elevations and sections in blueprints which the construction crew use to create the complex and realistic sets you see on the cinema screen the trade course is career orienting in character and they can find so many jobs in various respective areas.

Electrician is a electricity/power working vocational trade.The duration of it is two years with four semester of six month each.During the course students are thought about things like installing or maintaining a variety of appored wiring methods for distributing of electrical light,heat,power,radio and signaling utilization system.Mainly, there work is in existing or new residential,commercial or industrial building and inclued streets and highway lighting,traffic signal and other outdoor above and bolow grade installations.Trade is good and important from job point of view as after passing the course they have imployement at many places.


CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) popularly known as Structural Design) helps industries to design, analyze, validate and optimise their products for best performance and high quality

  • Hyperworks CAE Professional-Basic
  • Hyperworks CAE Professional-Advanced
  • LS-DYNA-Basic Crash
  • LS-DYNA-Advanced Crash
  • Abaqus-Basic
  • Abaqus-Advanced


The chassis of the truck provides the support to the entire-body and the chassis is subjected to vibration induced by road-excitations and by other vibrating components mounted on it.This project aims at studying and improving the vibration characteristics of a truck chassis that include the natural frequencies and mode shapes through CAE simulations on using HYPERMESH and RADIOSS.


Crankshaft is one of the most important moving parts in IC engine. It transmits the power generated by the engine to the gear-box. The crankshaft is subjected to severe bending loads. Hence maintaining the strength and bending-stiffness of the crankshaft for optimal weight is a major design-concern.The aim of project is optimize the design of an automotive crankshaft for best strength and stiffness with minimum weight through structural simulations like modal analysis and stress analysis.

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